Just start today…

Just start today.  The famous three words that plague us all regardless of the subject.  The new diet and workout plan that will have you looking like Giselle in no time.  The career change that will fulfill your passion and allow you the freedom and bottomless bank account of a RHWONY.  The desire to travel and experience other cultures and emerge transformed and worldly.  We all dream and aspire to be more then our current selves.  

I have always been a dreamer.  I romanticize and usually look back on memories and turn them into beautiful novels in my mind.  After marrying my husband and having a beautiful baby boy last year, my dreams and aspirations for the future have changed.  I used to dream of meeting my future husband.  I wanted him to be passionately in love with me, a partner through life who appreciated me unconditionally, my rock and my protector.  My husband Bo is many things to me.  He is my best friend, my husband, my teammate, my co-parent, my provider, and my home.  Please don’t let our instagram fool you.  Life hasn’t been easy for our new family.  Dealing with years of a long distance relationship, moving to a new city every 18 months, deployments, new jobs, a surprise baby…has left us with some scars along the way.  My husband is a good man.  He is strong and driven to make his way in this world.  He has taught me a lot about loving someone else the way that they feel loved and not how you think they should feel loved.  He has taught me a lot about happiness and choosing to be content in the quiet moments of life.  Most importantly, he has taught me that I am capable of change.  Real change.  Change that pushes you into being unafraid to be whoever you want to be.

So here I am.  I am starting today.  I have wanted to blog and share my journey as a former New Yorker/daughter/Army wife/ mother/friend/woman for such a long time.  As an Army wife, I have moved frequently.  With each move there are new jobs to find, new friends to make, and so so so many boxes to unpack.  As we settle into our new Georgia home and start that process all over again, I am reminded of the community that I feel as I read blogs of women doing the same thing.  I hope to share my life in a real way that empowers you to listen to that undeniable and deep desire in your heart.  And then just go for it.  

Start today!


Tara Layne

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